I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District.

With my candidacy, I aim to bring the people of the 7th District a fresh vision – one that reflects what we really need in Tennessee. I’m running because this moment in history is a chance for our true American  values of  compassion, equality, and fearless innovation  to move Tennessee forward.

I’m a dedicated family man, husband of seven years and father to eight extraordinary children. I know firsthand that the rewards of family life come with hard work and diligence.  

I believe that families deserve autonomy and dignity. The right to marry the person of one’s choice. The right of women to control their own bodies. The right to defend our homes and hunt for our food. These beliefs can and do coexist in our communities, and I will guard them as a fierce advocate for Family Rights.

For our families to thrive, we also must ensure that education is accessible and affordable. I’ll advocate for fully-funded public schools and higher education without a lifetime of burdensome debt. Our children deserve it, and I will work for it. Together with affordable healthcare and a living wage, we can ensure that our kids come of age in the America we strive to be.

As a small business owner and having launched successful startups, you can count on me to make smart fiscal choices that focus on what’s going on right here in our own community. I have also launched companies and failed miserably, but never gave up and learned from my mistakes and worked until I persevered and found success. I’m not funded by massive donations from the few, but with many community contributions from families just like yours and mine. Every dollar is an act of trust and a vote of confidence, and I intend to honor that by representing the interests of my constituents.  I understand what it means to earn a living, and I’m ready to support you as you earn yours.

I’ve earned a PhD in American Studies, and I understand why America has long been the land of dreams for so many.  Voters choose who will lead their communities, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A thriving community like ours is made of all kinds of people. Together, we look like Tennessee. We look like America. And I intend to bring common sense and intelligent ideas that will work for us all.  

I look forward to a positive campaign and the chance to represent the people of Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District in Washington.